From Chile they issue a warning against the crypto-money pyramids and cite Airbit Club, OneCoin and Bitcoin Vault

20 companies that would have promoted fraud using crypto-currencies listed on the alert bulletin in Chile.

A Chilean entity dedicated to the education and promotion of the use of crypto currencies has issued an alert in the country against 20 companies that promote fraud using crypto currencies.

The NGO Bitcoin Chile, a reference in educating the population about cryptomonies, is promoting the fight against fraud with cryptomonies.

The growth of pyramids and frauds led the NGO to issue an alert against the following companies: Bitcoin Vault, AirBit Club, OneCoin, Trust Investing, Bitcheke, EasyBizzi, iMarkets Live (IM Mastery Academy), Bitcoin Value, Mind Capital, Forsage, Toway Group, NeuronetMX, Dyzine, Kuailian, Kuvera, Stratus Academy, iComTech, Weltsys and Aenternam Group.

Among the best known names, OneCoin is the most relevant, because of the frauds that are committed in several countries around the world. The leader of this world-class fraud, Ruja Ignatova, has been on the run for years, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. At the height of OneCoin, she participated in television programmes and large events talking about the „success“ of the currency, which was not even based on the Blockchain: it was just an illusion to attract victims to the business.

The AirBit Club is well known in Latin America and is even sold at the services of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Brazil, according to Cointelegraph Brazil. One of the leaders of the pyramid was recently arrested in the United States.

And finally, Bitcoin Vault, which draws attention on the list, is a project that was born as a „copy“ of Bitcoin. Authorities in other parts of the world have already issued warnings against the currency, such as in the Philippines, where the Securities and Exchange Commission has classified it as a Ponzi scheme.

The creators of the cryptomoney, which has been crumbling in the markets, form Mining City, a company that supposedly promotes cloud mining and profits with Bitcoin Vault. With the currency losing value at galloping speeds, the arguments in favour of it have been rare.