An interview with Prince Michael of Liechtenstein: „Now comes a disappointment phase

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein is, among other things, the founder and chairman of the Vaduz-based geopolitical consulting and information service Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG. In the context of his work, he also deals with crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

BTC-ECHO met him exclusively for an interview about the Bitcoin secret

About the future of Bitcoin secret, Liechtenstein as a business location and the sense of an international regulation of crypto currencies and the Bitcoin secret.

When it comes to financial technologies such as Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the Principality of Liechtenstein made a comparatively early effort to achieve sensible regulation. BTC-ECHO met Prince Michael of Liechtenstein at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Basel for an interview to discuss regulation, the future of Bitcoin and ICOs.

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, you just mentioned it in your opening speech: Theoretically everyone can publish his or her own crypto currency, there are numerous other coins besides Bitcoin. Are there too many?

That’s typical of a new technology. There are many ideas and many players. I think that will consolidate over time. I believe and hope that there will be a lot of special solutions. So I think that you can design certain crypto currencies for certain regions and themes.

Are you thinking about specific cryptosoft?

Yes, exactly. We might have some global and comprehensive [cryptosoft currencies] [in the future], but we might have a specific cryptosoft review. For example, if a certain region has liquidity problems: Here crypto currencies could create an advantage to help the local economy. Other use cases are also conceivable – especially in the supply chain sector.

At the moment, the Bitcoin share price is struggling with losses. Do you think Bitcoin has a chance as a global currency?

To be honest: I don’t know. I think Bitcoin is a bit too limited to be a global payment system at the moment. It’s also not fast enough yet. But I don’t know whether it’s Bitcoin that’s evolving and becoming established.